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Item number: M-015
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Category: Cupping
  • in der Nähe des Herzens sowie an groï¬?en Blutgefäï¬?en
  • an Augen, Ohren  und der Nase
  • im Bereich von Brustwarzen und Magen
  • in der Schwangerschaft
  • bei Geisteskrankheiten
  • beim Vorliegen von allg. Hautkrankheiten



Set of high-quality and easy to clean plastic cupping glasses in a handy aluminum case (for cupping according to medical prescription)

Cupping is a very old healing method that has already been applied in the traditional Chinese Medicine, furthermore more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia and also in the classical antiquity by Greek and Egyptian physicians. Cow horns were originally used as cupping tools.

Facts and basics about this alternative healing method

Cupping is a very efficient natural remedy and it has no side effects. The success of this natural healing method is based on the activation of endogenous substances as well as the effective strengthening of the immune system. Nerve connections between internal organs and the skin may cause functional disorders which can cause pain. Cupping is an effective weapon against such symptoms. Specific skin reflex zones and acupuncture points are very sensitive and should be stimulated. If the mentioned skin reflex areas are treated, the relevant organ will be influenced. Generally, two forms of cupping can be distinguished:

Bloodless cupping:

This dry cupping will succeed if the skin is oiled on the selected cupping points first. The cupping glasses will be applied and with the help of a vacuum pump a vacuum will be created. In this case, the skin is not wounded. The suction of the respective skin area by the vacuum allows a better blood circulation. The cupping glasses should remain on the skin for a certain time. Gradually, the cupping glasses should be used along the reflexology of the skin. Please note that this kind of massage is more intensive than the classic form of massage.

Bloody cupping:

This method is used for dilution of the blood in order to improve its flowability. Toxins can be excreted from the body (think of bleeding as a concrete historical example). Before putting the cupping glasses on the skin, the chosen area will be easily scratched (high hygiene standards are to be set here).

Instructions for professional cupping massages:

The cupping glasses in different sizes depending on the body part are used with the included suction pump to generate the necessary vacuum effect in the glass by pumping out the air.

Please do not use the cupping glasses in these regions of the body:
  • in the vicinity of the heart and major blood vessels of
  • near the eyes, ears and nose
  • near nipples and stomach
  • during pregnancy
  • in the case of mental illnesses
  • if you suffer from general skin diseases

This should be avoided when using the cupping glasses:

Do not use the cupping glasses at places where the skin rests directly on the bone. Here, in addition, the glasses may not find the necessary support for the health-effective vacuum effect.

Preparation: What you should consider in advance

1. Before the cupping glasses are used for the first time, you should check the valves.
2. The glasses will be slightly preheated (e.g. on a stove or using lukewarm water).
3. Doors & windows should be closed.
4. Please chose a comfortable position in order to relax
5. The skin should be treated with special massage oil. Before the actual cupping process, Vaseline should be applied. Especially for people with thin subcutaneous fat this is quite important.

Cupping: How it works step by step

1. First, select the desired body areas (they often correspond to acupuncture points) and choose accordingly appropriate cupping glasses.
2. Pull up the valve of the head.
3. Evert the valve on the suction pump.
4. The cupping glass should then be placed on the skin area. Please hold it with light pressure to the body.
5. Now, the air will be pumped out of the cupping glass, wherein the negative pressure (vacuum) can be accurately regulated.
6. Now the pump is gently pulled back from the head of the cupping glass. Please proceed in the same way for further applications.
7. Note that hairy skin should be dusted or shaved in advance. For a better fit, you may also place a rubber ring on each cupping glass.
8. All cupping glasses should remain for a certain period of time on the skin. The recommended duration for adults is 10 to 20 minutes. For children, only 5 to 10 minutes are recommended. In case of health preloads, the duration of the cupping application should be rather low.
9. If the cupping glass should be detached, please wait until the valve has to be pulled up. Press the skin at the edge lightly with your finger and then carefully remove the head of the cupping glass.
10. Finally, rub the skin with alcohol and you stay covered up to 30 minutes after the cupping message. After the treatment, you should avoid coldness for 2 days.

How often cupping massages should be applied?

Basically, this healing method is applied up to 2 times per week, very often in combination with other medical measures.

Contraindications: Please note that cupping massages should NOT be applied if you suffer from these complaints!
  • swelling under the skin of unknown type and origin
  • problems with bleeding (possibly caused by medication)
  • heart or kidney failure
  • critical hypertension
  • acute inflammation
  • allergic, purulent respectively fungus-induced skin inflammation
  • acute fractures
  • fatigue after a long illness (anemia)
  • during pregnancy
  • open wounds and skin injuries
  • eczema or atopic dermatitis
Importance of hygiene and cleaning instructions:

To avoid cross-infections, you should make absolutely sure to treat all heads of cupping glasses very carefully and always hygienically clean (such as, for example with high-proof alcohol). Damaged heads of cupping glasses may NOT be used again.

Diseases which can be treated by cupping massages:

Heatstroke, diarrhea, headaches, colds, arthritis, cerebrovascular diseases, gynecological symptoms, surgical bone diseases, childhood diseases, tingling, toothache, acute tonsillitis and chronic pharyngitis.

Components of this cupping set at a glance:

18 plastic cupping glasses in different sizes (inner/outer diameter)
3x cupping glass A01 (57mm/67mm)
3x cupping glass A02 (50mm/61mm)
3x cupping glass A03 (42mm/52mm)
3x cupping glass A04 (35mm/44mm)
3x cupping glass A05 (26mm/35mm)
3x cupping glass A06 (22mm/31mm)

Vacuum pump (+ hose and incl. additional equipment)
6 magnets
Aluminum case
Instructions (EN)

The cupping glasses are made of: plastic
Materials (case): aluminum and plastic
Case dimensions: 29 * 29 * 9.5 cm

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